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Key points of moisture treatment of wooden tray

Key points of moisture treatment of wooden pallet: the wooden pallet is made of logs, dried and shaped to reduce moisture and eliminate internal stress, and then cut, planed, broken ends, edge pulling, sanding and other finishing processing to form profile board. The profile plate is bound into a semi-finished tray with shooting nails. The shooting nails have anti peeling function (sometimes nut structure), and are subject to finishing, anti-skid treatment and wax sealing treatment.

Moisture content: the moisture content of pallet logs affects the shrinkage deformation and even cracking of wooden pallets. Adopt high standard tray and strictly control its moisture content index. The European wooden pallet standard stipulates that the moisture content shall not exceed 22% of the wood quality in the dry state. It is defined as small defects within the range of 22% ~ 26%, and more than 26% is unqualified.

For today's logistics enterprises, wooden pallet is a convenient and basic logistics tool. It is the carrier from static goods to dynamic goods. It is a tool that can be used for loading, unloading, storage and transportation. Combined with forklift, it can greatly improve the efficiency of loading, unloading and transportation; Stacking goods on pallets can greatly improve the utilization rate of the warehouse; Consistent transportation of pallets can greatly reduce costs. The use of wooden pallets began in the field of loading, unloading and transportation. Now, pallet modular packaging, pallet modular storage, pallet modular loading and unloading transportation and pallet modular transportation can be seen everywhere, and quickly spread from the logistics industry to various industries.